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VantageGeo utilizes an RTK GPS system to do field surveying of proposed seismic project areas.  This can be combined with other forms of data capture to identify location of rivers, roads, gates hills and valleys.  Much of this can be extracted from digital data collected by satellites.  Satellite data is a great source for showing not only topographic mapping but capturing images to help identify land usage such as farms, towns, or forests.

One of the most critical parts of the GIS data capture is to bring all of the various forms of data together including the survey design.  Since much of this data will be mapped on varying projection systems this requires converting the data onto the field acquisition pre-plot projection system.  To accomplish GIS mapping VantageGeo utilizes ArcGIS, Blue Marble’s Global Mapper and Geographic Calculator.  These are industry standard software packages for mapping and re-projection of coordinate files.

GPS Surveying

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