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Who We Are

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Vantage Geophysical is a fully integrated geophysical service company.
VantageGeo can provide a one stop source for services from project planning, modeling, GPS surveying, 2D/3D seismic acquisition, 2D/3D seismic processing, attribute/AVO and Inversion work.  We believe successful seismic projects require a fully integrated approach.  We want to integrate your team from custom, target driven design of your survey to final product delivery.  We are there to provide geophysical support through the whole project to help you succeed.

Vantage Geophysical has a complete RTK GPS system along with an SERCEL Unite RAU-eX3 wireless seismic recording system.  All of our equipment is new including our custom designed and built accelerated impact seismic source units.  These AWD units are built to optimally work with our very mobile SERCEL wireless recording system.
The company is organized to be very mobile and efficient in its approach to seismic acquisition.  This gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to pricing.