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Vantage Geophysical is a leader in seismic data processing, imaging, analysis and reservoir characterization.

VantageGeo has state-of-the-art processing and imaging solutions software from OpenCPS.  Our services provide land processing from refraction statics to pre-stack time and depth imaging.  The advanced land processing package from OpenCPS includes advanced 3D de-noise, shot re-location, 5D regularization and offset normalization.  This allows for optimal signal-to-noise enhancement on 3D data in preparation for input into azimuthal imaging solutions.  The enhanced signal processing allows for the optimal imaging results helping to resolve subtle low relief structures, complex geologic folded and faulted structures, stratigraphic reservoir illumination along with azimuthal fracture prediction.

By combining our industry leading high-density, azimuthal data acquisition with our state-of-the-art processing capabilities we can be your geophysical solutions company.