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VantageGeo has successful completed seismic acquisition projects in diverse terrain while maintaining market-leading productivity.  We leverage the latest technology in nodal recording systems with AWD,  conventional vibroseis and dynamite sources.  The nodal acquisition approach allows us to efficiently acquire data with extra long offsets, rich azimuth distribution, and high signal-to-noise.  The high density seismic data allows imaging of low relief structures and stratigraphic details within our clients targeted reservoirs.

Our latest acquisition projects have been within the eastern Permian shelf of north-central Texas.

We provided a high-fold, high signal-to-noise final product using Geophysical Technology Inc. NuSeis nodes and Sercel Unite RAU-eX1 / RAU-eX3 nodes and AHV-IV Vibrators.  Our focus is always providing industry leading quality with zero preventable HSEQ incidents.

Benefits of our design and acquisition approach:

•Custom survey design to optimize acquisition to fit your targeted goals
•High signal-to-noise ratio allows for enhanced final resolution providing imaging of some of the most challenging reservoirs
•Optimal acquisition with excellent offset coverage in all azimuths allow for AVO, AVA Fluid modeling as well as pre-stack Inversion methodologies

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